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SEO: OffSite and OnSite

SEO: OffSite and OnSite

A search engine of well-considered well positioning can generate a significant increase in the results of the business. We carry out the SEO of your web site in two areas: project development and on management on-line.

Documentation of projects requirements to define in detail the strategy of positioning based in the aims.

Our mission, beyond the increase of the number of visits, starts this page with good references in the web and to achieve the strategy defined in the project of SEO.

  • The design of the definition of the project of SEO.
  • Establishment of the page.
  • Reports of follow-up.
SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

We turn information into decisions of business and results. Of web advertising of campaign environments on line of numerical analysis it is one of the tools more adapted to guarantee your success be. Put in touch with us to establish a numerical analysis and to plan your digital environments to maximize your visibility and to increase his(her,your) results of business. We go to help him to understand better your visitors to give them for what they ask.

  • Business intelligence orientated analytical digital decision.
  • Optimization of the conversion: the experience of the user explains numerical analysis to optimize the conversions. More performance of every guarantee visits.
  • Optimization of the advertising on line: numerical analysis to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns on line and networks; included in our SEO and services of advertising on line.
Social Media

Social Media

We offer the opportunity to give web visibility of your company across marketing plans globally of the strategy to revitalize.

  • Strategy
  • Vigilancy
  • Community Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blog.
  • Develop of facebook applications.
  • Blog development.
  • To generate a content of digital quality.
Email marketing

Email marketing

Le courrier électronique est un outil essentiel à la disposition de tout utilisateur de lancer sa propre campagne de publicité en ligne, ainsi que de rester en contact avec les gens, il est aussi un moyen simple et peu coûteux de faire connaître des idées, des services ou des produits. Envoyer un e-mail est pas compliqué, il est vraiment difficile est d'obtenir le destinataire de ce courriel ouvrir. Encore plus il est compliqué d'obtenir le destinataire à effectuer l'action que vous souhaitez promouvoir avec le courrier électronique comme la visite d'un site web, compléter une enquête, faire un achat, etc. Pour ce faire, Globymedia offre une solution.

Digital PR

Digital PR

Public relations and lobbying are two key elements in all strategic communication plan. once he spoke of the importance of creating a brand that transcended the image perceived by consumers. and today we go a step further, brands must not only reflect a good image for the quality of their products, companies need to worry about what people say on the web about their brands.

PR targets a range of publics and goals that collectively support an organization's objectives. Examples of these publics (or stakeholders) include customers, the media, employees, suppliers, the community, investors, political leaders, financial and trade analysts, and more.

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